March, 2019
#Virtual Reality
#Augmented Reality

The Evolution of Language

Writing in 3D, Brown University 
Independent Project

The Evolution of Language and Behavior in a Cyberspace considers virtual reality as a social cyberspace that functions like the agora of ancient Greece, with its own rules of presentation and communication. This project is an expansion of our use of web browsers into 3D space, and the investigation of how emerging technological infrastructures have the capacity to change our behaviors and language.

The Cave utilizes linguistic tools to order, colonize, and develop architectural space, where people share and communicate their ideas using texts and images. The piece is roughly divided into two sections, opening with the origins of text to our current abbreviated alphabet of text/emoji/giphy, then moving to a Cyberspace that takes advantage of the Cave’s capacity to interact readers with letters. The reader can be placed inside letters and make deliberate choices to navigate among the many different possibilities, pathways and buildings. Through the anonymity of a cyberspace, readers can comfortably go into the space and share their ideas without  pressure, having the option to ignore or respond to those texts. Ultimately, the readers can recognizes their behavior changes as they are placed inside buildings, and are faced with different text messages from various platforms.