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FlowIO wins iF Design Talent Award 2021 

FlowIO, a modular  pneumatics development platform for soft robotics and programmable materials, has been selected as a winner of the iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2021...

RedDot Winner

Youn Hye Jun for "AuxeticBreath"

It is a great moment for all of us, and I’d like to congratulate all the good designers, all the design teams and all the companies who are the winners of this year..

The Korea Herald

Pandemic-inspirted Interactive installation work wins Red Dot Award

AuxeticBreath, an interactive new media installation that visualizes..

The Korea Times

Exploring pandemic psyche in art: When you breathe out, people are frightened

In normal times, breathing is recognized as a central force of life. But in the ...


Hyejun Youn ( and Ali Shtarbanov

AuxeticBreath is an interactive new-media installation that visualizes the rhythmic respiratory rate, as well as tidal volume...

The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art 

The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art Announces Avant Premiere 

Online musem specifically designed for the digital age, announces the Avant Premiere special event as parrt of Mowna’s opening show... 

The Harvard Crimson

HackHarvard 2019, Remy

Students from various schools, including RISD and MIT, worked on ...

TEI Conference: Intangible Losses


The exhibition “Intangible Losses” questions the dissolution of object-like interfaces and presents the current tendencies of emerging artists, scientists and technologists who are rethinking interfaces at the boundaries of art, design, the sciences and technology...

The Subnet: Salzburg, Austria

SubnetAIRs 2021: Hyejun Youn at TEI  

Hyejun Youn is an interactive designer, developer and researcher with a passion for user experience and design and Human-Computer Interacction using cutting-edge technology and psychology...

Magazine Interview

DNMD Magazine:Designer Interview

The U.S. hackathons are all about using emerging technology and challenging the media itself, so the output is very different

Cracking Habit

Single Exhibition, 2020

They have their own names, identities, and personalities that all stem from my own experiences and memories...

Boston Cyber Arts

Group Exhibition, 2020

WETWIRED in the MEATSPACE invites you to dip your toes into the slipstream...

D+M Biennial 2019

Group Exhibition, 2019

In an eye-opening exhibition, grad students in Digital + Media investigated ...

The Evolution of Language

Granoff Center, Brown University, 2019

The Evolution of Language and Behavior in a Cyberspace considers VR ...