June, 2019
#Soft Robotics
#3D Scan

Body Transformation

RISD Industrial Design, Harvard Wyss Institute

Hyejun Youn, Raymond, Ruiqi, Vivian, William

During my Soft Robotics course at RISD, we developed a pneumatic device for inflation and deflation of elastomers. As a part of a body transformation group, I worked on body scanning using a 3D laser scanner, photogrammetry techniques, silicone molding and casting, and 3D printing using flexible resin filaments. These tools allowed me to explore the transformation of human appearances, and to develop concept designs for related social and emotional changes. In May of 2019, we demoed our works at Harvard Wyss Institute and Formlabs in Boston.

Warm Up
Getting familiar with pneumatic device, silicone and flexible filaments

Body Transformation


3D Scanning
Artec Spider™ 3D Scanner, Photogrammertry

Final Presentation