Remy is an app that contains an AR buddy who serves as a mental health companion.

Based on information accessed from "Apple Health" and "Google Calendar," Remy is able to help you stay on top of your schedule. Remy gives users suggestions on when to eat, when to sleep, and personally recommends articles on mental health hygiene. All this data is aggregated into a report that can then be sent to medical professionals. Remy also suggests on when to go on walks and provides users the ability to meet other Remy owners.

#UIUX Design #Mental Illness #Augmented Reality

My Role

Lead | Designer | DeveloperResearch, ideation, prototyping, front-end coding, video production using After Effects, 3d animation
Team members
Hyejun Youn, Frankie Li, Jing lin, Teo xi Hui


Sketch, Mixamo, Unity ArKit, Swift Photoshop After Effects

Concept Background

 Anyone who had a mental problem should get counseling and psychological services. But, for students with non-psychology backgrounds, it’s not so easy to seek treatment, even when they are struggling with depression. They rather tend to rely on alcohol or medication because of prejudices and stigma around receiving psychological services, and this just makes the symptoms worse. So, I created the Augmented Reality mental health friend, Remy, to address some of the problems with such experiences.


😺 Address mental health problems through education and interaction.
😁 Create a user-friendly in which app people feel comfortable sharing and recording their days, and learning about mental health issues

Initial Questions

Initial QuestionsThese were questions in my mind before I started to research and conduct user interviews.Who are the target users?

  1. What are some ways to address mental health issues
  2. How can the app help users easily contact health clinics
  3. How can the app collect users’ data?
  4. How can users become comfortable sharing their personal stories?
  5. How can the app help users aware of mental health issues and learn ways to address their problems?


From the interview, I realized that many college students are experiencing separation from their family for the first time, and they need to find new friends in new environments. When they encounter problems, they often turn to alcohol and drugs instead of going to clinics and health centers.- Not recognize their problems. - Not receive education about how to deal with mental health problems. - Difficult and stigmatizing to go to the clinics and mental health centers.

Competitive Analysis

Daylio Mood diaries with simple icon selection Statistics about mood change. Very few options to available to chronicle emotions and daily activities in detail. Too simple and rigid design

Moodpath Begins with chat messaging design that allows intimate connection with users Green and orange colors are relaxing Short readings and audio about overcoming mental illness. How to build self confidence, healthy sleep, relaxing sound etc Lack of interaction with professionals, recording diary

Design Process

Information Architecture

From the interviews and competitive analysis, I found what people with mental health issues really needs. Furthermore, I realized some common traits of health related apps: tracking your mood and health, and trying to help users to feel comfortable sharing their stories. So, I decided to set up additional goals for this app.