June, 2020


Finding Identity through Memory

RISD Graduate thesis, 2020 

Independent Project

MemorySound is a collection of memory vessels that preserve the sounds of a  moment, embodying emotions and feelings through its physical shape to avoid a conflict of identity with digital records. I used the digital information to create tangible interactive installations to maintain one’s unchanging “core” identities.

As a way to embody the sounds, I created a tangible container shaped to represent the individuals’ emotions in memory. I chose ceramics, which is an ideal material to change the frequency and vibration of sound because its flexibility in its malleable form allows it to be shaped and contoured with complete control, while its hardness and smoothness in its porcelain (fired) state reflects sound well, and allows for a wide variety of acoustic manipulations when sound is played from inside the ceramic.

Thesis Documentation PDF


The processes of making ceramics: coiling, spinning and carving

Sound and Speakers



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